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The Jamarcus Russell Thread PT I: Drafting A QB With the 1st pick, Manning through Smith

It is my belief that a talent like JaMarcus Russell only comes around once in a lifetime for a team to draft.

That team has to have the First Pick in the draft in a year when a quarterback comes along that has the clear cut potential to be the best in the game.

Sure, there are quarterbacks NOT taken with the first pick that become great, but, it is the Elways, Bradshaws and Mannings that I am talking about.

The Colts knew they would have Peyton Manning IF they wanted him, they controlled thier own future.

The same can be said about John Elway and the Broncos and Terry and the Steelers.

What I find A-Mazing is that 7 of the last 9 #1 draft picks have been quarterbacks.

Let's take a look at those names and see how they have fared.

1998 - Peyton Manning - Colts

The Colts have built a franchise around Peyton and he has given his team the stability that they could have only dreamed about after losing their first 10 games and finishing 3-13 in 1997. The team cleaned house and built around young Peyton.

I found this site to be an interesting read for those interested in the Indy Colts history.

1999 - Tim Couch - Browns

Couch spent most of his time chasing tail and not enough time studying or developing. He is now out of football and hoping for a comeback after multiple shoulder surgeries.

2001 - Michael Vick - Falcons

Vick is one of the most talented athletes ever at the quarterback position. In fact, he just set a record for most running yards by a QB in 2006.

The Falcons became a threat to win the Super Bowl under Vick in the beginning of his career, but injuries and his questionable leadership skills and throwing accuracy have held him back.

He is still a Top 10 QB in football and may even be Top 5.

2002 - David Carr - Houston

David Carr had the huge burden of being the first pick of an NFL expansion team that was still building in 2006.

He has handled it well and is one of the top rated passers and has a high completion percentage although he only has one true top talented target. This effects his rating as his TD to INT ratio leaves MUCH to be desired.

He is truly a QB that I WISH would get a chance with another team. Drafting Reggie Bush would have been a tremendous help for him.


I'll complete the rest later.