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Marshwan Has Too Much T.O. in Him:

I have long been a supporter of Marshawn joining the Silver and Black. Today, my opinion of him changed.

I will NOT name my source, ever, so if that bothers you then you should not read on.

There is a reason that Tedford has kept this kid away from the press for three years. That reason is that he is a nut!!!

He has already seperated himself from any kind of TEAM chemistry. He is a kid that does what he wants when he wants and never serves punishment.

He wears his hair in his face and comes in Like Dennis Rodman to team events (Except Rodman would not be seen wearing a Grill). He even stripped off his shirt and began freaking University employees!!!!

He is living the life for sure and has been protected for three years. He will be a HUGE distraction to any team that drafts him. I would go into more depth, but do not wish to.

On a positive note. His Family is really great. His mother, father and grandmother are strong characters who have kept him in check thus far.

When he gets to the NFL, he may just burst...In a Bad way.

He is a third round chance to me at this point.

It is time to start looking for another back...Michael Bush anyone?