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Raider FAMILY!!!!!

Tis the turning of the clock, Chinese style...Tis the year of the Pig..or Hawg, if you will. Tis the year of that big S.O.B. from the 'Skins back in the day"...Oh Yeah, Russ Grimm, ...Remember Himm (Born in May of 1959...The Year of the PIG!)?!?!???

This is the year that the O-Line is addressed and I WILL dress myself in liederhousen (Do not EVER Google Liederhousen!!!) and a big ass pig nose-en if we do go to the Super Bowl this year, as the year of the Pig will lead to the year of the "Rat", my year, 1972 born!!!!!

All is right (guard) in the Raider Kindom and all is well with the Saint!!!