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IF Porter and Moss Stay and JaMarcus Russell is Drafted WE WIN!!!!

There is enough available in the runningback market to snag a good one in the second. I personally like Irons out of Auburn.

If Moss and Porter are happy with Kiffin's hiring and come out to play this year, JaMarcus Russell will be the happiest QB taken in the first round EVER!

He will have Jordan catching balls out of the backfield and Moss and Porter doing what Moss and Porter should have been doing for the last two years, TALLYING UP 1,000 Yards apiece and spreading the defense.

I still think that TE is a HUGE need for us and am hoping that we get Miller out of ASU in the 2nd, but, if it is a back or lineman I will be just as pleased.

Things are looking up Raider Nation. What were those Super Bowl odds again? 1-150?