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Is Adrian Peterson The best Choice for the Raiders?

Word on the street is that Green Bay is interested in Randy Moss. Word out of Alameda is that Lord Al wants a third rounder and an experienced wide-out for Randy. If that IS the case then it looks like Porter, Curry and said veteran wide-out could be here in 2007 negating the Calvin Johnson need and rumor.

That leaves us with running back and, perhaps, quarterback to address.

I have never been sold on Brooks and 2006 was a nil year for him as any QB in that system would have looked like Ryan Leaf.

IF Kiffin and Davis are sold on a Brooks and Walter combo then Peterson could find himself in Oakland with the third pick.

Keep in mind that Peterson and Ginn are the two names that Lord Al dropped at the press conference and that Lane heavily recruited the six foot one two hundred and fifteen pound back that runs a 4.45 forty out of high school. If anyone in the NFL knows how good this kid is it would be Lane Kiffin

The Browns know that this draft is two deep in terms of QB's and that thier need is a QB and their infatuation with Brady Quinn is being downplayed after his Bowl appearance but is nonetheless VERY HIGH. I can see them trading the #3 and a later pick in order to move up and snag Quinn or Russell.

This would leave us with many options at the #3 spot.

Adrian Peterson was the best back in college last year before his fluke injury.

I can see him being our best back since Bo and Marcus.

It is no secret that our biggest need is a running back. Well, that and a new coaching staff and gameplan...A Left Tackle would not hurt either!!!

If we could end up with 11-12 picks that we could turn into 7 or 8 strong/higher round picks we could refill this year with enough bodies to have a young offense that will grow with our defense.

Peterson and Ginn, then an O-Lineman in the 2nd round would get us off to a great start.