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David Carr For a Third Rounder Would Cure Raider's Ailment:

My dream draft of a month ago was to trade draft picks with the Texans and acquire David Carr.

Now, it is looking like the Texans will be willing to accept a 3rd rounder for the former #1 draft pick out of Lane Kiffin's Alma Mater, Fresno State.

Lane got a good look at David Carr while he was with Fresno State and may be the perfect match for the underachieving star.

IF, the Raiders CAN acquire David Carr for a third rounder we will be looking at a draft that could include Calvin Johnson/Jarrett, Adrian Peterson/Lynch/Bush,  Miller (TE, ASU, Spaeth (Blocking TE, MINN

Here is a list of F/A O-Linemen. I wonder how much Todd Steussie has left in his tank?

Also of interest is that two of the best O-Lineman in last year's draft were taken in the 4th and 7th rounds.

This team needs skill players and a QB who can run a low turnover game from his position.

David Carr would be the perfect fit to go along with Calvin Johnson, Jerry Porter, Ronald Curry, Zach Miller and Michael Bush.

His offensive weapons would instantly be quadrupled and he could us his acuracy and adept timing to lead us over the hump.

This is like the Jim Plunkett story all over again!!!

Go Raiders!!!

This Off-Season is shaping up as a win-win-win-win-win no matter how it shakes out!!!