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The Changing of The Guard Continues For The Raiders:

The team has announced the hiring of a former VERY popular Raider, Tom Rathman, as the running backs coach.

If you didn't see the trend earlier it is becoming obvious that Lane Kiffin saw the same flaws that everyone who saw the Raiders play last year were aware of.

Rathman was one of the best blacking FBs in the game. He could flat out light linebackers and DB's UP!!!

With Cable, Rathman, Millard and Knapp there is a definite West Coast feel to our new staff.

Also added to the coaching staff is another coach with close ties to Lane Kiffin, Kelly Skipper.

Skipper will be an offensive line assistant. This may spell the end of Eatman's time here.

You can read more about him here.

Kiffin is addressing our weaknesses right off the bat.

He brought in Kieth Millard to help with the run D and he has now brought in 4 people to reshape every aspect of the offensive game, especially the line.

Next up is special teams!!! Keep up the good work Kiff.