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Kiffin: I Wouldn't Draft Russell in 1 Million Years:

"If I had the #1 pick in every draft for the next million years I would still NEVER draft JaMarcus Russell"

           -Lane Kiffin

Now before you think that quote is in any way real, let me tell you that it was in one of my nightmares last night...Truly!!!

It was one of those night's where whenever you close your eyes the opposite of everything you know, believe or hope in is turned against you and you cannot escape it. Maybe it was detox from Spring Training? Who knows, but it stuck with me for obvious reasons.

As some of you know, SBN, the network that Silver and Black Pride belongs to is the largest Sports Blogging Network out there. And as such, each writer for their respective teams will be participating in a mock draft over this week.

Yesterday I took Russell off the table and said that he IS our pick and we are entertaining no offers for him AT ALL!!!

So there it is Raider Nation, I am sold on him and he IS our GUY!!!

Go ahead and ring in on your thoughts and who you think we should pick in the second.

I know that IF I gambled I could have had Johnson and Stanton...But Russell is just too good.