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Carr & Johnson or Russell and Moss?

Schaub is now the Texans QB and Carr will be traded.

Johnson and Russell are the top two players of interest for the Raiders and what happens with Carr may make up the decision as to who is taken #1 overall.

The Pros for Johnson:

  1. He is the most talented receiver that I have ever seen coming out of college. His playmaking ability will make him an instant threat in this league. He has the ability to jump like Randy Moss and is a much better route runner already than our former star, #18.
  2. He will also, most likely, take less money as a bonus than Russell and that can only help our cap situation.
  3. IF we get David Carr, Calvin Johnson will team up with Jerry Porter to give one of the most accurate passers in the NFL great targets that may very well break the All-Time RAC records, seperately or combined.
On Russell:

If the team does not land David Carr that is even further evidence that JaMarcus will be our #1 pick.

(The sleeper in this whole deal can be if "Son of Monte" is sold on AW. Remember that he saw Andrew Walter up close and personal while at USC and he may chose Johnson to be a weapon for Walter.)