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Spring Training Diary:

Man, what an A-Mazing day in Scottsdale. It's 11:27 as I begin to try and relate this tale.

As a sports fan there are few things that are the pentultimate. A Super Bowl game, your team in the playoffs and spring training. That's right, I compared meaningless games to the best days of my sports fan life...This is why.

Two single drops of rain hit my face on Wednesday when I left the Bay. That is when I said bu-bye to my normal life. Those two drops of rain represent so much. They represent my son and Renee's daughter. They represent the life I left to seek a warmer climate for a week.

I have to finish this later because there is a game in an hour and I cannot wait ti get there.

Much Love, Saint!!!

BTW: Wash loves being a manager and he fits the bill VERY WELL!!