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The SBN Mock Draft...So Far!!!

I am really excited about our top 3 picks.

JaMarcus Russell is the concensus #1 pick for the Raiders. He has the most "upside" and is a physical phenom devoid of any character issues.

I hope that he has Randy Moss to throw to next year. Having Moss, Porter, Curry, Jordan, Griffith and Rhodes to throw to would be a rookie's dream.

It is because we have NO tight end that can catch a pass that I added Zac Miller to that mix with our second pick.

I really wanted Blaylock in that spot, but he went two picks ahead of us.

I also strongly looked at Ryan Kalil and Tony Ugoh as they are really talented linemen, especially Khalil. There is just something about that guy that says "Center of the Future" for our Silver and Black.

That being said, I really like Zach Miller as a complete football plyer at the tight end position.

He has great hands and can block exceptionally well. He dropped after the "Dog and Pony Show", I mean combine because Greg Olsen outperformed him in every test.

I guess I am old school because I look at what guys do on the football field as better evidence of what they will do in pads playing against eleven other men.

Miller will give us a tight end that can catch the ball since before the Rickey Dudley days!!!

The third round is where the draft really got interesting.

In fact, if I could do it all over, I would.

Tank Tyler was still available so I took him.

I see him as an understudy for Warren Sapp and also someone who can give Big Daddy some downs off. We all know what happened to our defense when Sapp went down two years ago and Tank will be a good replacement, although his character issues seem to be diminishing his value.

There is another player who flew under my radar until it was too late. His name is Sabby Piscitelli.

If I could do it all over, I would snag Sabby with the first pick in the 3rd.

He is a a dominant strong safety that will be the class of this draft at his position, I an sure of that!!!

I have my eye on a few Piscitelli's later in this round and I hope they are still there!!!

So, to recap, here is what we did...And what we almost did...