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2007 Draft..The BEST EVER for Oakland!!!

I know that headline will only come true once we see a healthy Michael Bush in the backfield and JaMarcus Russell taking the ball from center, but for now I am basking in glow of the Raider's Draft Weekend.

Let's Recap the picks:

1) JaMarcus Russell, QB, LSU - He was far and away the ONLY pick that the Raiders could make. There is no way that the team could pass on a franchise QB two years in a row.

Word is that Lord Al wanted a USC QB last year and Shell went with Huff instead!?!? We all know how that QB performed and there was no way this team was not nabbing Russell after the success of Leinert and Vince Young last year.

If any of you doubt JaMarcus, just imagine how lethal he would be at LSU in his Senior season. He is only 21 and CAN lead this team for 14 years.

Here is his new website:

2) Zach Miller, TE, ASU

This is the pick that I was hoping we'd make. In the SBN Mock Draft I selected him in this spot and also saw that we could probably move down and scoop him up along with an extra pick. I was hoping for a middle third, and as good fortune would have it, the Raiders turned their first pick in the 2nd round into Miller, McCown and Mike Williams!!!! Talk about a bonus!!!

Zach Miller is the missing ingredient to this offense. Every QB, especially a young QB needs a safety net at TE who has great hands. Miller is just that guy...AND he can block as well. Goodbye and good riddence Courtney "Footsteps" Anderson.

3) Quentin Moses, DE, Georgia -

This guy is an absolute STUD!!! He was the first of 3 midround heists. He is a Beast coming off of the end and can have a HUGE impact on the opposite end of the D-line from our other "Beast", Derek Burgess.

Tyler Brayton has been given multiple opportunies to cement that position and it is apparent that Lane Kiffin identified the weakness that we all saw at defensive end and he got one of the best pass rushers in the draft!!!

4) Mario Henderson, OT, Florida State -

This pick confused me because there were MANY other players that I liked, including Michael Bush, Zak DeOssie and Josh Beekman whom I thought fit our needs better.

He looks like a project to me, but it makes since that Cable can develop him until Barry Simms calls it quits.

5) Johnny Lee Higgins, WR, UTEP -

This was STEAL #2. Higgins is one of the fastest players in this draft and I had him rated in my Top 5 Receivers for the Raiders. Our punt returning was terrible last year and Lane went out and got one of the best receiver/returner combos in the draft.

He caught 82 passes for 1,319 yards last year and took 13 of those the distance. He will be the deep threat that we will need to compliment Porter and Williams.

6) Michael Bush, RB, Louisville -

This was THE steal of the draft!!! When he went down in the season opener had already ran for 128 yards and three touchdowns!!!

At 6'2", 245 he had the bulk and leg drive to be an every down back. If he had not injured his leg he would have been taken in the 12 spot, at the latest. He may be this year's best back when all is said and done!!!

7) John Bowie, CB, Cincy -

This pick left me absolutely speachless...I looked at the players I'd rated highly including DeOssie, Marcus Thomas and Beekman who were still available and I was hoping to hear one of those names...It was odd because they made the pick in like 30 seconds. Somebody must really LOVE this guy. My guess was Al Davis, then when I saw that he won the Big East 100 Meter title and had 10 tackles vs Pitt I was starting to join the John "Red Shoes" Bowie bandwagon!!!

8) Jay Richardson, DE, Ohio State -

I don't know much about Richardson, but he looks like a guy who add 20 pounds and his mother played rugby in college...That's right, His Mother!!! I was disappointed not to see HB Blades, Desmond Bishop, Will Herring, Doug Datish or Dustin Fry not taken here, but I will withhold judgement because it looks like Lane did a VERY good job in this draft. I would have loved to see a run stuffing DT and LB picked up though!?!?

9) Eric Frampton, S, Washington State -

This may be steal #4. This pick is no doubt a result of Lane Kiffin's ex[erience in the Pac-10.

He is a local boy who played at Oak Grove in San Jose. He had 10 or more tackles 4 times in 05-06, including 13 (10 Solo) against Kiffin's Trojans. He also returns punts and he looks like he may be a great partner in the defensive backfield for Michael Huff. This may spell the end for Stu.

10) Orenthal "Oren" O'Neal, FB, Ark. State -

Oren looks like your typical overacheiver. He was a walk-on that ended up being the team leader. He is a lead blocking specialist and he should fit in well on special teams.

11) Jonathan Holland, WR, Lou Tech -

Is he this years Marcus Colston? I sure hope so!!!

I honestly cannot believe that Brandon Siler fell all the way to the mid 7th!!! Really!!!

I'll post more articles about these players in this thread as I find them...Until then...Bask in the Glory that is about to be a new team in 2007!!!