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So Long Randy Moss: THIS Raider Fan Will Miss You

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It has taken me a couple of days to digest the Moss trade and I am finally ready to talk about it.

I am in my own camp on this one because I understand, although I do not agree with, his actions over the past two seasons.

When we traded for Randy Moss we all thought that it would be a return to the glory days. Randy would go deep and Kerry Collins would throw those perfect spirals of his 60 yards into the outstretched hands of #18. Moss would be used to spread the field and our newly acquired running back, LaMont Jordan would be used underneath with Porter running the intermediate routes. Our young defense would round into shape and in 2-3 years we'd be back challenging for the Super Bowl.

Well, we couldn't have been more wrong.

Randy was completely underutilized and when the ball finally was thrown deep to him against San Diego he was high lowed and never regained his health.

Even though he was injured he played through it and never even asked for a down off. Even in pain he managed to score 8 TD's and tally 1,005 yards.

Do any of you Raider fans recall him still playing in the San Diego game with a broken and bruised body? He was used as a decoy when he could hardly walk!!!

After the season, Norv "Turdner", was fired and Art Shell was brought in.

Shell imediately alienated Jerry Porter because Porter did not show up for the "Voluntary" Camp. As it turns out, Porter was working out in Florida getting into the best shape of his life.

Randy went along with Art, but everyone...I mean EVERYONE...complained about "Bed & Breakfast" Tom Walsh's offensive scheme of 7-9 step drops every down.

It was aparent that they saw Turner's lack of throwing the deep ball to Randy as a fault and "Shell of His Former Self" and "B & B" sat in bars and drew plays on napkins that were circa 1967. (This is in no way a condemnation of sitting in bars and brainstorming on napkins, in fact I am a HUGE advocate of it!!!)

The offense failed so miserably that Aaron Brooks milked an injury to aviod being decapitated and the young Andrew Walter was abused like a pinata at an El Salvadorian birthday party!!!

Randy had the nerve to voice his frustration with the offense, as DID everyone including Andrew Walter.

Walter was benched afterward and Moss was pushed out of the organization.

It was ALL BAD in Oakland.

Of course Randy wanted out!!!

Sure there are people that say, "If you are playing a competitive sport you should not quit" or maybe "He didn't run through his routes and he should have", but, in all fairness to Randy the whole offense quit...Not JUST him!!!

Even when Walsh was fired they still used the same playbook and wasted an opportunity to try and reignite some kind of passion amoung the players.

Now he is New England making 6 million dollars a year less with an unguaranteed contract. If you think that the game is not the most important thing to Randy, think again.

Randy was right to want out...Honestly and objectively who wouldn't???