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It is Still Too Soon To Project The Oakland Raiders 2007-08 Record:

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Since it is way too soon to even begin to guess what the Oakland Raiders record will be in 2008, let's begin a conversation on and begin to rate the complete overhaul that the "Son of Monty" has instigated within the Raiders Organization.

"I would like to begin with the offensive line:"

"Show of hands?"

"Why isn't Your hand up Kevin"

"I'm dying to talk about the improved special teams, running game, defensive line and JaMARCUS RUSSELL BABY!!!"

"Whoa Kevin, we'll get there...But let's start with the position that everyone pundit in the world has said will have JaMarcus Russell seeing the same shrink as Andrew Walter by November, the offensive line."

"Now class, who can name the offensive line coaches last year?"

That's right, Eatman and Slater. They were two players who dominated at thier positions for years in the NFL. In fact one of them, Jackie Slater, is in the Hall of Fame.

They both proved that Hall of Fame and Great players do not necesarily make great or even good coaches.

Along with Art Shell they moved everyone around the offensive line.

Moving Gallery to left tackle may have worked, and I still think it can if they use zone blocking schemes.

It made me sick to see the left tackle blocking like a blinded horse last year. That man blocking scheme was terrible...

That scheme should be fixed by the addition of Tom Cable. Cable is a zone blocking guru who should be able to get the most out of our line.

Jeremy Newberry can be a solid force at the center position and Carlysle started 36 games in a row for the Broncos for the past two years.

(To Be Continued)