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Oakland Raider News June 30th 2007: Michal Bush Enters Lane's World

Lane's World I:

Lane's World II:

Many of us in Raider Nation could not wait for the second day to begin. Holding the first pick and having a night and early morning to take inventory on the picks around the league it was apparent that there was one undrafted player out there who had the ability to be a Top 5 pick. That player was Michael Bush.

There was a HUGE cheer that went out around Raider Nation when it was announced that Michael Bush would be in Silver and Black. (See the announcement of his selection and pay particular attention to Gene Washington announcing that the Los Angeles Raiders are on the clock)

Michael Bush, if he returns to 100%, possesses the  combination of strength, size and running/cutback ability to be our #1 running back ahead of both Jordan AND Rhodes. His health concerns made him the perfect pick for the Raiders because with Jordan and Rhodes in the fold for 2007 Bush can  
wait until he is 100% until he takes the field.

In Michael Bush's final College Game he scored three touchdowns in the first half before his right leg got pinned under a Kentucky defender and it shattered.

Here is a You Tube video of the break. It is nasty, so if you have a weak stomach you may want to spare yourself the horror.

Washed away were his hopes for a National Title or Heisman Trophy and some thought that the break was so severe that his professional aspirations were also in jeopardy.

Just a year prior Bush led the Nation in scoring at 14.4 points a game and scored 23 touchdowns. His decision to return to College was questioned by some but he really wanted to finish what he started and with Brian Brohm under center the Cardinals had a good chance to win the National Title.

He has worked tirelessly in order to be ready for the NFL, but he has had setbacks.

The first surgery did not set properly and after being examined at the combine by the NFL doctors he had to have the leg reset.

That made many teams turn away and take players that filled needs in this very deep draft.

Their timid approach to Bush was our reward. Think about it...If Bush returns to full health by mid season or EVER he would be the STEAL of any draft.

In a healthy Bush you are getting a 6-3, 255 lb bulldozer who can cut on a dime. He can shake defenders with his speed and he can also carry a couple with him into the end zone.

Check out this footage of the former HS quarterback:

Every member of Raider Nation should be thinking good thoughts for that right leg. If Bush returns to full health he can team with JaMarcus Russell to make the 2007 draft the best EVER for our beloved Oakland Raiders.