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Oakland Raider O-Line Continued:

I'm BACK Raider Nation!!!!

Man I have been dying without a working computer!!!

The IT guy at my old office set up my laptop to work on a dedicated network and FINALLY my laptop has been freed!!!!

So, where was I?

Oh yeah, the OOOOOO-Line!!!!

It is looking like Simms has the left tackle spot in his grubby paws and McQuistan is anchoring the right tackle spot with Carlisle on his inside, Grove at Center and Gallery moving inside at Right Guard.

I am with Newberry here who said that this can be a top 5 O-Line in 2007-08, and YES I DID drink the Kool-Aid...I always drink the Kool-Aid!!! In fact I brew the stuff!!!

P Mac and Simms should be able to seal the ends and Carlisle is a great pulling guard.

We should be able to set up more screens and run more counters with Carlisle's mobility.

Gallery is perfect for traps when he is inside at Right guard so look for alot of counters in the backfield and quick hits up the middle.

The player that I am most intrigued with is Jeremy Newberry.

He was not only an All-Pro before his injuries all but finished his career but he was the best in the game by many accounts.

Newberry is a proven leader who played under Cable in College and knows Knapp from his Niner days. I am hoping that he is healthy because he WOULD make his prognostication come true.