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Oakland Raider News 07-10-07: Donovin Darius IS A RAIDER!!!!


THIS IS A-MAZING!!! Thank You to "Dun" for pointing this out!!!

Darius is feeling the love of Lane's World and one of the top free agents has just signed with YOUR OAKLAND RAIDERS!!!

He has been an incredible run stuffing safety that will now give us exactly what our defensive backfield needs. He is a proven leader and big time tackler.

He is by far the most "special" player that has been released.

Our defense has just climbed a ladder that few saw. Our defensive backfield is now on par with any in the League!!!

Nnamdi, Huff, Darius and the pick of the litter of 6 others who each have the ability to challenge for a starting job, will be ranked with the top defensive backfields in football in 2007-08 and perhaps for years to come!!!!

Regulars here know that I think the world of B.J. Ward. With his size and speed combo he was my choice to replace "Stu", now he can be a difference maker on both special teams and the nickel/dime package.

Here is a piece that I wrote about him a couple of months ago:

Darius reminds me of Ronnie Lott. He has been his team's leader in tackles and is as intense a competitor. This may be the steal of the off-season!!!

This move is one that the team HAD to make. The tackling in the secondary has been abysmal at times. I really wanted John Lynch and Rodney Harison when they were free agents because they provide veteran leadership and have a sixth sense for reading offenses and finding the ball. Donovin Darius will be that stabling force in the defensive backfield, IF he can stay on the field. His contract still leaves us room to extend Burgess and Nnamdi and that should be the next move.