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Oakland Raider News July 3rd 2007: Lane's World IV

It is funny that the fourth edition of Lane's World is entitled "Lane's World IV" because the second day of the draft was an IV for the franchise. That is, IV, as in "intravenous" injection to the core of this team.

With Bush already in the fold the Raiders set their sites on bringing in the next thing on their wish list, a veteran quarterback.

Josh McCown is mostly famous for two things, having a name that easily gets confused with Cade McNown and this play:

Josh's reputation is that of a bright kid who can make things happen on the field. Sort of a younger version of Jeff Garcia without the opportunities of Jeff Garcia.

Everyone who saw him eliminate the Vikings believed that the kid had special talent.

That talent has been buried behind a Super Bowl & League MVP, Kurt Warner, and John Kitna ever since. It doesn't look much better for the kid this year and definitely next. He was acquired a day after the Raiders drafted their quarterback of the future, JaMarcus Russell.

So why is Josh McCown part of the IV that was the trade with the Lions?

It is because he may be able to run this offensive system better than anyone else we currently have on the team.

He is mobile enough to get outside and he knows how to check down to his backs and tight end if his options downfield disappear.

He also may bring a bit of magic out when we play the Lions in the first game of the year.