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Raider News 7-4-2007: Dominic Rhodes Suspended By NFL

Well, I guess there goes the early season running back controversy.

As expected Dominic Rhodes was suspended by the NFL for violating the League's Substance Abuse Policy. His blood level was .09 when he was pulled over and cited for a DUI.

The League has served notice that there will be a high level of expectation "Off" the field and Rhodes is now being docked over $340,000 for a reckless driving conviction.

The punishment seems a bit harsh to me. Four games could cost Rhodes his chance at a larger role in the offense.

His suspension will give more reps to LaMont right out of the gate. This may also tempt the Oakland Raiders to see what Michael bush has sooner than they'd planned.

If Bush can run, and LaMont starts out like the back he was two seasons ago, this can be a long season of third and longs for Dominic Rhodes.

I expect him to appeal and get a game or two trimmed off of his suspension. Four games is just WAY too much for a reckless driving.

There was also a matter of a domestic violence claim in which Rhodes was not prosecuted. That makes him a repeat offender. In my mind, that was 5 years ago and these two are not linked. Rhodes was not out shooting up a strip club or carrying firearms against court rules. He got a DUI, move on.