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Russell's Hold -Out Reminds Of Lenart's:

Lost in so much of the fog that is the JaMarcus Russell contract situation is that Matt Leinart did not sign until August 14th last year.

With Daunte Cullpepper already in camp and the Raiders probably not looking to start Russell right away anyway, the only thing this could be costing him if he signs now is money.

We do know that he has been on the phone every day with Coach Kiffin and it looks like his agents are the ones that are holding him out.

The news out of Oakland is that JaMarcus has already bought a house in Oakland and was supposed to arrive in Oakland yesterday. That hardly wreaks of a player that will be out for long.

As much as I would like him to be in camp, I am not worried. I have a feeling that the JaMarcus Russell Era will begin by the end of next week.