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Raiders vs Haters: Round I (Open Thread)

Raider fans, I honestly have no expectations for the preseason. After last year's 4-1 showing I am looking more for specific performances and which combos Kiffin is choosing to use on offense and defense.

Tonight I am looking forward to seeing just how quick Quentin Moses is and just how powerful Jay Richardson is.

I am also interested in seeing how well Zach has grasped the offense and for that matter the QB's and O-Line too.

I am expecting big things from J Porter and Mike Williams as well as our DB's.

I will also keep a close eye on Lane's pace and the team's pace at calling plays and getting the right people on the field.

I don't care who wins as long as we stay healthy and look MUCH different from last year.

What are all of you looking for tonight?

I am heading out to the Coliseum and I'll report when I get back.