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Oakland Raider News 08-13-07: Getting To Know Jay Rich:

J-Rich, Jay Richardson, "The Bigg Bear Hugg" or plain ole' Jay Rich, no matter what he will become known as here in Raider Nation, our 5th round selection out of Ohio State is already winning fans and making plays on the field.

At 23 years of age he stands 6 foot 6 and is listed at 285 lbs, although having stood 15 feet from him the other day I would say he is probably one Krispy Kreme away from 300 lbs. That is not to say that he is fat, he just looks SOLID.

His career is a that of a classic sleeper. He did not start until his senior season at Ohio State. When he did start he was nowhere near dominant, but he kept getting better. The Ohio native tallied 25 tackles and had four sacks in his final year.

Raider scouts had him as a sleeper who as a late bloomer could really develop quickly.

Raider Nation...All you had to do was watch him on Saturday to see that this kid is quick, has a huge wingspan and can bull rush 300+ lb linemen.

His sack of Shane Boyd was an absolute bull rushing, strong willed punishing collapse of a mobile quarterback. I was impressed.

So, as the Bay Area says goodbye to one J-Rich, another Jay Rich may be entertaining us fans for years to come.

Welcome to Oakland, and welcome to the Black Hole!!!