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Every Major News Outlet is Reporting That Lane Kiffin Has Been Hospitalized:

From ESPN to the local outlets it is being reported that the Oakland Raider's first year coach Lane Kiffin has been hospitalized in Napa.

This is all second hand information, but I must say that I wish him well if this is true.

He is slowly giving the Raiders a new presence that we haven't had here since John Gruden built this team's confidence and swagger up in 1998.

I pray that this is a minor setback for him and not a major viral infection that will cost him more than a couple of days.

I am sure that it is not only I who think that he is probably still on a wireless headset and calling the drills in Napa from his bed.

In fact it is probably good that he gets a break from his tireless schedule to recoup and regain his strength. What he is embarking upon is a challenge that, if he is effective,  will instantly catapult him into a group reserved for the top coaches in the NFL

Rest up Lane and let's attack those Niners this Friday. I'm sure you're watching their game right now!!!