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Oakland Raiders Report 08-15-07: Still No Russell

It looks like there is no imminent end in sight for this JaMarcus Russell vs The Oakland Raiders situation.

I am always doubtful of any news that I hear from either the team or the agents in cases like these.

So, all I have is my speculation.

I know that, without a dominant running back, this team needs a strong quarterback in order to compete for a Championship.

I know that a healthy Daunte Culpepper is better for the next three years than JaMarcus Russell would be.

I also know that Al Davis has never been "high" on rookie quarterbacks. In fact the last time he was "high" on one, that quarterback, Todd Marijuana-Vich, spent more time taking bong hits, shooting smack and getting "high" than he spent studying his playbook.

It may be that once we got Culpepper, the QB that we wanted last year, JaMarcus Russell's stock fell through the floor.

If that is the case, then let me pose a question to the Nation:

IF Daunte is healthy would you give JaMarcus 33 million dollars in guaranteed money?

I mean, think about it, you will have to give Nnamdi and Burgess more money pretty soon, and what about the rest of the young defense.

Many people would love to hate on Davis for NOT signing JaMarcus, but they would be making a HUGE logical error. At the time we drafted JaMarcus we didn't even have Josh McCown, let alone Daunte Culpepper!!!

Here is a second question:

IF Daunte is even close to the 2004 version of Daunte Culpepper, would you offer him a 4 year extension?

Daunte is only 30 years old, but he is coming off of two successive years of injury which ruined his chances of building upon one of the best seasons by a QB ever in 2004.  

Last question, Raider Nation:

If we do not sign him, what do you think we could get in a trade?

Could a team afford to trade for him? If so, which team and what would we get back.

The Falcons look like a good candidate with Michael Vick's future being uncertain. Then again,  IF Vick comes back they would have too much money tied up in the QB position next season.

This is the predicament that is staring the entire Nation in the face daily. There is just not a good answer right now. If only we would have landed Culpepper before the draft, we could have taken Calvin Johnson and we'd be a much better team right now.

I love that I have chosen to "Drink the Kool-Aid" this year, because all I have to say is "Just Win Baby" and Amy Trask, Al Davis and their group can worry about how to work out this situation.