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Oakland Raiders vs San Francisco: Open Thread

I will be in the City today, but not for the game, I'll be at the Rage Against the Machine concert. Needless to say, I will not have a take on this game until I see it on NFL Network's replay this week.

The Niners first team should present more of a challenge to the first team defense.

I am hoping that our team will find a way to put up 21 points before the half again. That would be a good sign for the season.

Once again, I am not looking for a win as much as I am looking for the team to successfully execute the game plan and for no one to get hurt.

BJ Ward, "Joe" and Jay Richardson will be looking to cement places on this team and you'd better believe that there will a pack of hungry wolves out there trying to supplant those three.

Another player that should be watched closely is Cornell Green. He had a terrible game last week and I did not see anything worth him being our right tackle this year.

You can use this thread as an open thread to discuss the game.