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Gerard Warren an Oakland Raider?

Man, someone in Denver has fallen asleep. I would never trade an impact player like Gerard Warren within the division. Now he, like Shanarat, will be able to square off against the team that released him twice a year.

In fact, like Shanarat, there is a money issue here as well.

Warren restructured his contract to accept the veteran minimum (595k) in order to stay in Denver. And all that did was make him easier to move.

After being the third overall pick in 2001 by the Cleveland Browns he has tallied the 8th most sacks (22) from the Defensive Tackle position.

It now looks like our defensive line is going to be one fierce pass rushing unit.

It is a bit mind boggling that we are stacking up on pass rushers when stopping the run should be our most pressing need. Then again, the more the pass rush and the better the protection, our take-aways should increase.

I guess that Warren will spell Warren at times and then Warren will now spell Warren at others!!!

Welcome to the Raiders Gerard Warren. Now let's get after those Don-Keys!!!