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Live Blogging: Oakland Raiders vs Niners (NFL Replay)

I am going to live blog my thoughts on this game. As many of you know I was at the Rage concert and missed the game.

From 5:00 left in the 1st quarter:

Zack Miller got blown up on two consecutive plays by Manny Lawson.

Rhodes ran hard for a 1st down.

Walter made a terrible mistake for the INT.

Niner Ball:

Carr blew the coverage twice, even after the hold his man was wide open.

Smith made an incredible throw in the perfect spot into tight coverage. Touchdown Niners. 13-0.

Raider return by Carr to the 23

Grove terrible false start.

Fumble on the exchange with Jordan.

Curry looks good on the quick hitch.

Jordan looks fresh and is running great!

Grove, then held on a great run by Jordan. (Bad posession for Grove)

Jordan runs amazingly again.

2nd quarter starts on Niners 46: (newberry In)

Walter overthrew Porter on the 1st play.

Jordan ran well on the left side for 9

Jordan ran hard for one yard and a first down.

The Niners are getting good pressure on Walter and he throws the ball away.

2nd down: Jordan runs hard again for 4 yards through the 2 hole.

3rd down: Good enough protection and Walter hits Taylor for a first down

1st down: Jordan cuts back behind Newberry for 7

2nd Down: Once again Newberry does a good job and Griffith had a great lead block Jordan runs for  FIRST DOWN.

1ST DOWN: taylor is overthrown on a pass that should not have been thrown.

2ND DOWN: Pass to Miller for 5 yards

3rd down: Quick pass to taylor for a first down. (It sure is nice to see a balanced attack)

1ST DOWN: JORDAN RUNS LIKE A MAN POSSESSED INTO THE END ZONE. Griffith and Newberry took care of business again.

Raider KO: Jano kick to the 5, Ward head tackled the ball carrier . (That kid plays mean, and that could have been a penalty)

Niner Ball:

(I'll continue this in the comment section, so that you can comment)

1st down: carr burnt again and the receiver dropped the ball.

2nd Down: Kirk Morrison just stood the running back up and Williams and Huff finished him. Penalty declined on Niners.

3rd Down and 10: 3 wide-outs, great coverage by Fabe and good pass rush. fabe is down on the turf.

Fabe is up. Niner punt. terrible kick. Raider ball on the 30.

Cullpepper in:

1st down: Fumble by DC recover by DC
2nd Down: Jordan follows the blocks to gain 32 yards!!! (Thank You cable)

1st down: fargas is no Jordan, as he is stopped 4 yards behind the line

2nd and 14: Pass to Huggy Bear in the flat and he did well to hold onto the ball as he was flattened

3rd and 8: Great read by DC as he finds an open gabriel for close to a 1st down. (Off-sides was called on Niners)

3rd and 3: Daunte calls a time-out in a confused state.

(So far the 3rd down conversion for the raider has been great this pre-season)

Another great read by DC as the Niners jumped again. The play went to madsen for a 1st down. WOW, our TE's can catch!!!!

1st Down: fargas off the left side for 9 yards. Williams did a great job of blocking down field for Fargas.

2bd Down: fargas loses an inch

3rd down and 1: Fargas runs left again for a first down.

1st down: Pass in the flat to Crockett and he runs that into end zone. No one was stopping him!!!

That is two touchdowns on two consecutive drives and each drive was methodical and the play calling was GREAT.

Niners Run back to the 25.

Dilfer in at QB.

1st down: Carr made a tackle!!! 5 yard gain by Robinson.

2nd down: Someone lost Lelie. looks like Hiram was late getting there. Carr had coverage first and then let him go. Nobody got on him. I am still VERY unimpressed with Hiram Eugene. Complete for 17 yards.

1st and 10 from the Raider 43.

Robinson for 2 yards. BJ Ward goes flying over the pile.

2nd down: Soemone has to cover Lelie. he pulled up into space in the zone. He was in front of ward and behind #37 (Chris Johnson). Delay of game called after a 20 yard gain.

1st and 10 on the 33:

Davis just burnt Hiram for 15 yards:

1st and 10: Holding on the Niners. Antaj was in that backfield very quickly.

2nd and 20: Chris Johnson was burnt again and Smith missed him. Holding again, Smiley on Brown.

2nd and 30: If not for Frampton's tackle Robinson might have had a HUGE gain because no one could wrap him.

2nd and 28: Smith gains 7 yards. 7 seconds left

Nedney misses a kick, still 14-13 Raiders.