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Oakland Raiders vs Lambs Reprise:

MMMM..My son just cooked up some lamb tonight and now the replay is on the NFL Network. I was at the game and will add my observations to what I see on TV.

This was Daunte's Game and also BJ Ward's game.

Here we go!!!

1st Quarter, Rams win the toss and Jano kicks off to the other Dante. Dante Hall.

Jano kicks it through the end zone. His kicks have looked great this preseason.

1st and 10 on the 20:

Bruce beat Fabe and Stu was late closing, Complete to Bruce for 39 yards.

1st and 10 from the 41: Sapp and Huff stuffed the run.

2nd and 9: Bulger threw a terrible pass.

3rd and 9: This is the play where BJ Ward covered the TE and killed the drive. Bulger looked off the center of the field and then when he looked to his outlet, BJ had the Tight end Covered. That was a HUGE play for BJ and exactly what Stu does NOT do. he anticipated the play and beat the TE to the spot. You missed it on TV, but at the game I saw it as clear as day. Impressive BJ.

The Rams punt goes out of bounds and it is now Raider ball on the 20.

(This will continue, possession by possession below:)