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Todd Marinovich Busted Again:

His life is becoming a disturbing cycle of drug abuse and pissed away talent. This is truly sad.

Busted with meth and a needle. Something tells me that he will be serving some real time for this one. There has to be someone in the NFL or NCAA/USC that can help this kid.

It is not like he was going all Maurice Clarett and going out to "Killa Man", he was skate boarding in a no skating zone and got popped.

Upon further investigation, I see that some people have already tried:

"When Marinovich was arrested for drug possession in Newport Beach in 2005 -- his fifth drug arrest -- 23 of his college teammates put up money to help pay for drug treatment, allowing him to avoid jail time.

He walked out of his residential treatment program in September 2005, violating his probation and sentence. He disappeared for three weeks before he surrendered to authorities and was returned to jail."


Can you imagine having everything that Todd had laid at your feet, only to be where he is now?