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JaMarcus Russell Is An Oakland Raider!

It may have taken longer than any other player took to sign with the team that drafted him, but he is here!!!

I can now wear my JaMarcus Russell jersey without being asked, "When is he going sign?".

JaMarcus Russell is now in a VERY UNIQUE situation where he can study under Daunte Culpepper.

Daunte is the perfect study for young JaMarcus. well, that is IF he steers clear of the Hornblower Cruise Line!!!

JaMarcus reminds me of a young Daunte Culpepper. The accuracy is on par and his arm is even stronger.

We shall see, as the NFL has chewed up spit out #1 Draft picks before. But, for now we can rejoice that there are no off field distractions left.

The official number is 68 million for 6 years. I will update this as more info becomes available.


The Raiders can wait until after the Browns game to add him to the roster. This means that we do not have to release or trade anyone at this point.