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NFL Network is Reporting That McCown May be Down, Daunte May Start Against Broncos:

Oakland Raiders Quarterback, Josh "Check Down" McCown, has a slight break on his throwing hand. I thought it was hurt when I could hear the "POP" from my seats on Sunday.

If this is true, I wish him a steady recovery and "Son of Monte" is OFF the hot seat.

Now IF Daunte goes out and struggles, he was right. If Daunte goes out and leads us to a win, then maybe McCown would have too. I mean he did throw for 313 and 2 TD's on Sunday. Forget the 3 fumbles and two picks...Oh yeah, and the pass out of bounds to a wide open Curry and the decision to run on 3rd and 4 with Griffith wide open...

No one wants to get the starting job because of an injury and I hope that Daunte IS ready to run the show.