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Raiders News 09-13-07: Link Dump

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You should all know by now that JaMarcus Russell signed and practiced yesterday.

He had a Q&A Session with raiders .com afterward.

I really like the section about Daunte Culpepper:

Q: Do you feel like the situation has changed since they signed Daunte [Culpepper] while you were out?

Russell: No, ma'am.  Before I came, Coach told me he was going to get a veteran guy to come in, and it just so happened that it's a guy that I always watched as a kid.  And that's very fun for me.  It's easy to learn that way when it's someone you like, and you know he can do things out there that nobody's ever done before.  But like I said there's always a chance no matter what because you're always one play away.  

Q: What did Daunte say to you today?

Russell: `What's up, rook?' when I first came in.  And, `Great to have you.  It's going to be fun working with you.'

I Think that IF Daunte is traded it will be detrimental to, young, JaMarcus's progression. He seems to have already taken him under his wing.

The USA Today has a good story on the starting QB situation and if it would make a difference to Curry

Ronald Curry had this to say:

"If it was Week 15 or something it would, but we just broke camp and have been working with different guys, nobody was a solidified starter at receiver or quarterback spot so you pretty much work with Josh, Andrew and Pep at the same time," Curry said. "So I'm pretty much comfortable with anybody that's up in there."

More news on Ronald Curry from KFFL:

Raiders | Curry suffers injury Week 1
Mon, 10 Sep 2007 18:29:40 -0700

Oakland Raiders WR Ronald Curry (hamstring) suffered a hamstring injury Week 1 and missed the final plays of the game.

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