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Oakland Raider Daily Link Dump: Not So Fast With Starting Daunte

One writer that I read every day is Jerry McDonald. In a World, the Oakland Raiders beat, he is the best, by far.

Today he weighs in on who he thinks will start Sunday.

It is, once again, a game time announcement.

I really think that this is Josh's last shot at winning. If he wins, we will see more of him, IF NOT, Al Davis's Boys May Soon Be Running The Offense.

HERE is the Examiner Bronco and Raider preview.

Also, if you haven't made it over to SBN's Mile High Report,
HERE is a reminder of how the last five meetings with Denver have gone. I am hoping for a reprise of that game in 2004.

That's all I have for now. So Dump away.

Here is the HTML for posting the links as I have in this thread.

Thanks to Al, from Bleedcubbieblue for this link