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Bronco Week, Break down:

Get on your feet Raider Nation!!!

The team with nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to GAIN enters Denver tomorrow as 10 point underdawgs. That is right, The Nation is double digit dawgs to the Donkeys.

Bet the farm on this one baby!!!

In last weeks loss the Lions set up the run with the pass. And the last time I checked, Roy Williams, Calvin Johnson and the Football version of Theo Fleurry do not play in Mile High.

IN fact, Jay Cutler, Daniel Graham and Javon Walker had a hard enough time trying to score against the Buffalo second team.

The Lions are an easy team to overlook, the Donkeys are a target for the boys in Silver and Black.

You know what we all forgot about the Lions. I have not read one person write about it this season. The Lions whooped on the Cowboys in their finale last year. That's right, at a time when they could have packed it in and got the #1 pick in the draft, they went out and ran up nearly 40 points a against a playoff team with a first round bye on the line.

We all know how the Broncos season ended last year. It ended with a win equaling a playoff birth. Well, they lost to the Niners AT HOME.

So, in the off-season they got Cutler a tight end and also signed my sleeper for this week and a player who I really wanted the Raiders to get in, Brandon Stokely.

They traded Tatum Bell for Dre Bly (A me first cancer in Detroit) and they added the Shawn Kemp of the NFL at running back, Travis Henry. These are two very talented players who's cancerous attitudes may not hurt the team.

For one, see Randy Moss's performance in his first game for New England. Dre Bly is happy to be out of Detroit, where losing was commonplace.

And secondly, Travis Henry's 9 babies from 9 baby mamas gotta eat. If that isn't motivation to run hard every play, I don't know what is.

Every defense has a weakness and I believe that the Denver run defense can be exposed as well as their linebackers in pass coverage.

I am looking for seem routes by Zack Miller and I also look for their nickel package to be eaten alive by 4 wide receiver sets.

I can see Higgins having a home run and Mike Williams having a strong day too against the likes of Abdulah, Cox, Paymah, Shoate and Foxworthy.

The defensive backfield is also going to have to step up it's play from last week. The safeties were exposed for their weakness in pass coverage and Fabian HAS to do a MUCH better job.

I expect Fabe to be on Stokely/Matshall and for Nnamdi to be on Javon, so look for a lot of sets where they try and get Javon switched to Fabe and also look for Graham to get a lot of looks when he is covered by Huff of Stu.

What we really need to do is start BJ Ward, so that he can cover Graham or Stokely. BJ did a great job of eliminating the tight end in the preseason.

There are many more angles to cover, but I am home, sick and in bed. The Alka Seltzer is kicking in and I still have to get the pickem' up!!!

Go Raiders!!! I will be live blogging the game tomorrow, so be sure to follow the game with me as we spank the donkeys!!!