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It's like Christmas DAY!!! (A couple of Random Thoughts)

Every Saturday Night, during football season, I just cannot sleep well.

I'm thinking:...

"Pre-Game at 9AM...Early Game at 10AM...Late Game at 1PM...OH CRAP IT'S DENVER WEEK!!!!...Try to sleep, you'll need your rest to Live Blog that game tomorrow...Do I need more medicine? Where is...I wonder if Daunte Culpepper will throw 3 TDs?..."

And so on and so on, in many different mantras until I fall asleep.

That process continues each and everytime I am awakened throughout the night, UNTIL finally at 7:30...I am READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL!!!


The excitement of the release of a week long anticipation continues to build up until the kick-off, when 60,000 screaming fans in the stadium will release a thunderous yell and the energy of millions more across the nation will join them and at the peak of this frenzy, the kicker, followed by his teammates, will rush the ball and once he sends it flying toward the opposition...The Game is on!!!


The options for "Away Games" here in Oakland are numerous.

Today, as I am still battling a cold, I will be couch potato'ing.

Couch potato'ing is NOT overrated. In fact as someone who fit, both, latch-key AND couch potato diagrams I must say that on the days we can do it, it is a blessing.

In fact, If I had not been couch potato'ing that Saturday and was doing what I'd planned I would have missed one of the best College games ever (USC-NOTRE DAME, Quinn-Leinart-Bush).

We'd hit up Old Town Sac in a limo the night before and by the end of the night, Jagermeister and I were no longer friends.

But, that couch became my best friend the next morning/afternoon and I felt better when the day was done.