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Let's Get Ready To RRRUUMMBLLEEE!!!!!!


According to Jerry McDonald the Donkey writers have already begun their assault on Raider Nation and Al Davis:

Columnist Woody Paige has a semi-annual rip on Al Davis that's a must read. His historical piece Sunday casts Broncos coach Mike Shanahan as the "good and wise king" and Davis as the "hardened, arrogant, self-righteous Black Knight" from the Broadway musical "Monty Python's Spamalot."

During the swordfight between the two (Python fans also remember it from the Holy Grail), the king cuts off the limbs of the knight one-by-one, with the stump of a Black Night saying at the end, "All right, I suppose we'll call it a draw."

Davis, whose teams are 5-19 against the Shanahan coached Broncos, is envisioned as wanting to call it a draw.

"The Broncos have cut off all the Raiders body parts," Paige writes.

"To which Davis would say, `We remain the team of the decades. All right, we'll call it a win for us. It's only a flesh wound.' "

I'll tell you what Raider Nation, these Donkeys, and belive me we call them Donkeys for good reasons.

1) Before the Snow Bowl, there was the snow ball. Balls thrown on the field of play that interfered with plays and would hit our players. Some of these had batteries and other things in them.

It takes a real JACK-ASS, or Donkey of you will, to do that stuff.

  1. John Elway was a Donkey: "Hee-Haw!!! Hee-Haw!!!
  2. Don't even get me started on Ed Mc-Calf-Ry!!!
So, what! So, you're hating on the Raiders because we were great for so many years and are rebuilding.

I've got news for "ewes", This is a hungry Raider team that is much improved and IF we win today it may be the beginning of our return to domination.

I expect the Raiders D-Line to come out and dominate the pace with constant pressure on Jay Cutler.

I expect whoever our QB is to execute the game plan and lead us to victory.

Go Raiders!!!