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Live Blogging BABY!!!

I'm going to write about the coin toss and the first possession in this space and will go posession by possession in each comment section.

That way we can go back at the end of the game or even during the game and give our takes on different plays and series'.


For starters, HOW BOUT THEM BROWNS???

I am betting that there are elimination leagues around the NFL that will be seeing half of their players eliminated today!!!

I am also betting that Brady Quinn will be getting more second team snaps this week.

Oh CRAP!!! I just realized that we are facing the Browns Buzz-Saw next week!!! ;)

YAYYYYY!!!! It's 1:10 and they are cutting to the Raider game!!!

Alright, Local commercials!!!

Here's a good link for a commercial break: -new-england-patriots-spy-video-300311.php

Rain is falling!!! And the Raiders, who won the toss, are receiving!!!

Deep kick and the ball is downed...AND mcCown is taking the field!!! Check Down McCown?!?!

1st Down from the 20- LaMont to the leftfor 19!!! 1st and 10 from the 39 - LaMont to the right for 3 2nd and 8 from the 41- pitch to Jordan, sweeping left, for 1 yard 3rd and 7 from the 42 - Ball goes through Griffith's hands, pass was high. Sims false start, loss of 5. 3rd and 12 - McCown almost fumbles..AGAIN...sacked for a loss of 1 by DJ Williams. Raider Punt...Great coverage and KM punishes the return man.