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Recap: This one hurts, bad:

I don't even know where to start, honestly.

The rat, out-coached the "Son of Monte".

In really hope that the local media start asking Lane some real tough questions about his 5 INTs, 3TD, 5 fumble QB.

His reasons for NOT starting Daunte:

  1. He is more prone to turnovers
  2. He is not as quick out of the huddle
So far, Josh has 6 turnovers in two games and only passed for 53 yards today!!!

He once again choked on a DONKEY nub when it mattered. He had Porter open for a game winning TD and he overthrew him by 5 yards.

He missed wide open receivers at every turn.

The defense played one helluva game and Jordan went off. Now, "Son of Monte" has to do some soul searching because he will lose this team if he continues to roll Josh McCown out there.