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Making The Grade: Oakland Raiders at Denver Broncos: Defensive Line

Grade: B

I figure that I'll start out with a position that did well on Sunday.

Tommy Kelly did a great job in stuffing the run with 7 tackles. He constantly stood up Travis henry for one yard gains. At one point he stood him up so well, that they just stood there for 3 seconds until the ref blew the whistle.

In fact the entire right side of the defense did a good job of stuffing the run. Most of Denver's bigger runs came from off right tackle and through the gap between the RT and RG.

Gerard Warren finally made his presence felt when he stuffed Jay Cutler in the end zone for a game turning safety.

You could feel the momentum change on that play.

He did have a hold that cost us a few yards later, but IF that safety is a sign of things to come then I can't wait until he faces Denver again.

The defense did allow 4.7 yards a carry, which is about .7 too many, but broken and missed tackles in the secondary were responsible for more than just that .7.

One area of concern is the status of the calf injury suffered by Derek Burgess in the 4th Quarter.

Two players, Terdell Sands and Chris Clemons were invisible yesterday. Did they even play?

I have graded them a "B" and there is room for them to improve which is a good sign.

I have a feeling that this team will be key in our victory next week.