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DLD: It's Positive Tuesday:

Now that  another "Black Monday" is behind us, it is time to look at what is positive about our game last Sunday. And believe me, there is MUCH to be positive about.

Let's start with Lane Kiffin's frankness and outlook about the Time-out game

Q: How do you go about approaching your team after losing a game like that?

Coach Kiffin: Well, I talked to them today about the feeling you had the five seconds before you knew there was a timeout, how great that feeling was and seeing them run out there on that field. I wanted them to capture that feeling and remember what it was. Then, I wanted them to remember what it was like in that locker room when they felt terrible, miserable. The feeling in that locker room at that time, any one of those guys would have told you `I would do whatever it takes to change that,' they would take back anything at that time. What I talked to them about is remember that thought you had compared to that other feeling. Well that is winning and losing and I want you to remember that when you come back on Wednesday and then on Thursday when you go out to practice and you are in your meetings preparing and studying your opponent. You make sure you know everything you can do to protect our team to put us in the best position to win. That's what you want to avoid, that feeling (loss) and you want to have that other feeling (winning) and everybody will try to give you that feeling on game day but you have to have that feeling during the week so that you get to the point where you have more good feelings than bad feelings.

I have a feeling that once the pent up energy of these 53 players is unleashed with a victory that they will start a winning streak. The questions and doubts will turn into confidence and this team will be a force in the AFC THIS YEAR.

I know that we are all happy with LaMont's 159 yards, but I noticed something after his last run in regulation.

Griffith pulled him aside and motioned that he should not hit the hole so fast. That he should wait for the hole and then hit it.

On his next run, the first run of overtime, he did just that and ran for 30+ yards.

It looks like "Son of Monte" saw the same thing Justin Griffith did:

Coach Kiffin: After watching the film, I have the same feelings as I did after the game. Some things to build on, our running game was very good at times and it should have been better than it was, 200 yards, but we left a lot of yards out there, LaMont [Jordan] had some good runs but missed some reads at times where we could have been more productive.

And also to "Son of Monte's" credit, he did not make excuses for McCown's performance:

Our passing game was basically embarrassing and that falls on all of us. From up front to receivers, to backs to the quarterback to the coaches, all of us so it's obviously something to improve on.

With this sort of candor, I must say, I am still "IN".

No morning in "Raiderland" would be complete without the daily musings of Jerry McDonald

To all of you who plan on voicing your displeasure Sunday, this was Kiffin's message: "I apologize to our fans but I can't make our decision based on their reactions. That's not fair to our team. I feel Josh this week continues to put us in the best position to win."

Why is that, exactly? Here is Kiffin's unedited answer:

"I feel right now that there's so much that goes into the game besides just numbers. There's checks he's making on third down. There's third-and-9 where he audibles to a run vs. a certain blitz that he has about five seconds on the play clock to get done, and we make 10 yards and make the first down.

"There's a bunch of little things hidden in there. Or a time somebody comes in free and he moves out of the way or throws one to Zach (Miller) for about five yards that could have been a loss of 8. Right now I feel he puts us in a better position to win. Will that be the case next Monday? I don't know."

And apparently, "Son of Monte", thinks that LaMont could have run for 200 yards himself!!!

Things are looking up Raider Nation, just be patient. I know that we are getting our hearts trampled because we know that IF Daunte knew this offense we would be 2-0 right now. That isn't the case, so let's get out there on Sunday and cheer for the Silver and Black!!!

By the way, ESPN has their collective heads up their collective behinds with their Power Rankings...AGAIN.

They have the Jets, Bills and Dolphins ahead of US!!!