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Pickem' Finally!!!

1:00 PM   Detroit @ Philadelphia
1:00 PM   San Francisco @ Pittsburgh
1:00 PM   Minnesota @ Kansas City
1:00 PM   St. Louis @ Tampa Bay
1:00 PM   Arizona @ Baltimore
4:15 PM   Carolina @ Atlanta
4:15 PM   NY Giants @ Washington

1:00 PM   Buffalo @ New England
1:00 PM   Miami @ NY Jets
1:00 PM   San Diego @ Green Bay
1:00 PM   Indianapolis @ Houston
4:05 PM   Cleveland @ Oakland
4:05 PM   Cincinnati @ Seattle
4:05 PM   Jacksonville @ Denver

8:15 PM   Dallas @ Chicago

8:30 PM   Tennessee @ New Orleans

Hey there guys and gals, this is my first computer access in three days!!!

Sorry it took so long.

Here are my picks:

Philly - THEY just have to win. I really Want to pick Detroit here, because they are a better team.

Pittsburgh - This will be the first REAL test for the Niners this year. If they hang with Pitt and lose it will be a better showing than the two wins they already have.

Minnesota - Their defense should keep the Chiefs offense at bay.

Tampa - Jeff Garcia is going to lead the Bucs to the same place he led the "WINLESS" Eagles last year...The playoffs.

Baltimore - They will destroy the Cards. I am guessing that the over under on turnovers forced by the Ravens is 4.

Carolina - This is not a "Magic" week for the Falcons. A "Magic" week is what the Raiders found on consecutive weeks last year. Two weeks where you win by "Magical" circumstances.

Giants - The Skins are coming off of a short week and they got banged up a bit by the Eagles. I am looking for the G-Men to bounce back in the bitter rivalry and win in Washington.

New England - I would love for Belicheat and his GOP poseur to go down hard today. The problem is that Buffalo does not have the fire power.

Jets - The Jets showed some life last week and Miami is just a bad football team. So, I'm taking the J-E-T-S...Jets at home.

Green Bay - Truth be told, I just hate the Chargers, their fans and their peperoni faced coach. This win will legitimize two things:

1) The Pack is for real 2) Norv Turner should not be a Head Coach in the NFL

Indy - The upstart Texans may pull the upset here, I just don't think they are ready to make that move, YET.

Oakland - This will be the week where it all clicks. After TWO disappointing losses this team is hungry and the 11 game losing streak WILL come to an end.

Seattle - I expect Seattle to bounce back after last weeks blistering in the sun. The Cincy defense is terrible and Seattle's defensive backfield should be able to contain Palmer.

Jacksonville - This is another of those, "Something's Gotta Give", games. Jacksonville is better than they've shown and the Donkeys have gotten lucky to win...twice. Oh Yeah, AND I HATE THE DONKEYS!!!

Dallas - I know, it's Soldier Field, BUT, the Cowboys are looking like the best team in the NFC and by beating Chicago IN Chicago they will be #1 in everyone's book.

New Orleans - This may even be a blowout. The Saints return to where the magic started for them in 2006. The Superdome will be rocking on Monday Night.