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JUST WIN BABY!!!! Oakland vs Cleveland: 9-23-07: Open Thread

This is IT, Raider fans. After two weeks of heartbreaking 4th Quarter defeats the Raiders face their biggest opponent of the year. Themselves.

We have seen how improved this team is. They are leaps and bounds ahead of where they were when last season ended. Now they have to shake off that losing feeling and start anew. They must overcome the negative thoughts and start believing in themselves as winners.

Today's keys will be:

  1. Josh McCown - He is do for a good game. If he doesn't produce right away, Daunte WILL be in there. The Bengals threw 6 TD's on this defense last week and if we get down by more than 10, we will need some firepower at the QB position.
  2. LaMont Jordan - His back needs to hold up. If he figured out how to run behind this line last week, he can run for 200 yards against this defense.
  3. Will BJ play in the defensive backfield?
As most of Raider Nation is, I am also sick of seeing Schwag swing and miss. Tackling and coverage will be HUGE against this team. Braylon Edwards, Kellen Winslow and Joe Jera-VISCIOUS are a talented group that must be contained.

4) Special Teams - I am looking for our punt return team to break a long one today. 6 NET yards in two games is NOT getting the job done.

That's all I have for Now, I've gotta get to the parking lot!!!