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DLD: It's a Silver and Black Monday!!! Finally!!!

J-Mac is leading off this DLD with his Game Notes and his take on Daunte Culpepper.

I think that the play detailed below was the biggest of the game:

``I felt good,'' Culpepper said. ``The more plays I got, the more comfortable I was getting. The linemen were doing a great job, they didn't get in my face too many times. The running backs were running the heck out of the ball, doing a great job.''

When the time finally came for a truly important throw, Culpepper delivered.

The Raiders were facing a third-and-9 at their own 22-yard line with 2:36 to play after Cornell Green was called for a false start.

Out of the shotgun formation, Culpepper stepped forward and delivered a 20-yard strike to a leaping Jerry Porter to his left against Leigh Bodden for a huge first down.

``It was a great call by coach (Greg) Knapp or coach Kiff, whoever made it,'' Culpepper said. ``We got the look we wanted, man-to-man, Jerry got a great release, the linemen did a great job of getting me time and I had to put the ball in a position where he could make a play.''

That is the play that has been missing for the first two weeks. We all know what happened each time Josh McCown tried to make that play. INT/Fumble/INT.

Speaking of McCown, the kid has heart. True heart. It was apparent to all who watched him that he was in intense pain from the start of the game. But, he continued to battle through it and run the offense. His Raider career may be brief, but he left it ALL on the field. Cheers, McCown, now let's see how effective you can be with a clipboard.

Now, with 4 QB's, "something" has to give. I believe that "something" should be Josh McCown.

  1. He is crippled
  2. Walter and Russell are the only two QB's that we have under contract for next year
  3. I think that Walter is better than McCown anyway
The happiest teams in the NFL have to be Oakland and KC.

Both teams went from 0-3 to 1-2 and one game out of first in the West on a deciding play in the last seconds of their games yesterday.

And speaking of yesterday's games;

I WENT 14-1 on my picks. That is the best I've done...EVER.


I LOVE having fun with stats, and HERE is my favorite of the year, so far:

Sea-Bass has 10 touchbacks, after only having 7 all of last year.

Unfortunately, when teams do return the ball on our Kick off coverage team (5 Times), we are the worst in the League (41+ yd average).