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DLD: Loving the Optimis---Ummm?

If you've ever wondered which game will be aired in your part of the Country.


Today the Nation is full of Optimis---Ummm? I phrase it that way because we can finally look at the future and as we wonder what will happen, we can, for the first time in 5 years, look at it with our eyes WIDE OPEN and say, "I think we can win the AFC West this year!!!".

Almost everyone is feeling peachy. J Mac has found a bone to pick on though.

Now that Josh McCown is possibly sidelined with two bad feet, it's time to put on the blindfold, pick up a Louisville Slugger and take a few home run cuts at the Rob Ryan pinata.

Considering the size of the thing, one swing and candy ought to be flying as far away as the empty seats at McAfee Coliseum.

OUCH, that hurts!!!

I am starting a new feature on the DLD:

Since the Raiders have a fine tradition of players I am going to feature a player a day, that way we will all be caught up by the end of the season.

Today, we will start with Marv Hubbard

Marv was a punishing runner and blocker who set the bar for all fullbacks in the NFL.

He was a good friend of my mother's when I was a kid growing up in Oakland. By the time I met him he was playing Country Music.

I think that I played out my copy of "Fullbacks Aint Supposed to Cry".

Marv still lives in the Bay and can be seen around from time to time. He is a throwback all the way. A Real Raider!!!

That's all I have for now, so DUMP AWAY. Here is Today's (9-27's) DLD