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Raider Re-Cap: Daunte Takes The Dolphins to His INFERNO

Daunte's day started with a three and out and ended with his third rushing touchdown of the day.

Daunte threw for two touchdowns and rushed for three against the team and the Coach that cut him.

It is the final play of the day that has me buzzing more than any other play.

With the Raiders already up by 11 points and only 33 seconds left, most teams would just kick the field goal and take the win.

Not Lane Kiffin...He chose to let Daunte RUN the BALL DOWN THE DOLPHINS THROAT and send his rushing team to a 300 yard day.

Daunte had HIS day and had HIS way against the Dolphins.

In fact, if not for a couple of dropped balls by Curry his day would have been even better.

(My battery is dying)

Much more to talk about, including our first road win in two years.