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Oakland Raider News 9-30-07: Burn Baby Burn, Daunte's Inferno

In ONLY 4 games, Daunte's Inferno, Son of Monte & The Cable Car offense have brought a new identity to the Oakland Raiders.

The Oakland Raiders ARE Lane Kiffin's (Son of Monte's) team and now his team has rallied around a quarterback that is also looking to work hard and reestablish himself, Daunte Culpepper (Daunte's Inferno).

Last year the offense put up 12 TD's all season and under Lane Kiffin they have now scored 11 in 4 games.

In his first start, Daunte Culpepper accounted for 5, HIMSELF.

Daunte completely took over a leadership role on this team today. He ran for tough yards, put the passes where the receivers could make plays, made good decisions with the ball (Leading to 0 Turnovers) and most importantly showed the ability to lead his team with his momentum changing plays and emphatic charisma for the game.

In his first day back, he looked like the Daunte of 2004. No, I take that back. Today he looked more mature, poised and knowledgeable than in 2004. It is quite possible that Daunte will be better than he was before.

At the very worst he is a great example for JaMarcus to learn from on the field.

At the very best he leads the Oakland Raiders to the playoffs and then a Super Bowl.

Daunte being Daunte, high touchdown to turnover rates and third best running QB of All-Time performances, makes the defense play honestly against the deep ball/passing game in general and let's Tom Cable's offensive line, Zack Miller and Griffith open up holes big enough for Cable Cars to drive through them. Thus, the Cable Car Offense which is currently the #1 rushing attack in the NFL with a 194.2 yards rushing per game average. That is more than double the average from 2006 when the Raiders managed a meager 94.9 yards per game.

Perhaps not so coincidentally, The Cable Car Offense led the League in rushing last year too.

I seem to recall a certain Head coach, Art Shell, who said that the Raiders would be a Smash-Mouth team and then went out to pass more than he ran.

Well, Art was correct, the Raiders would be a Smash-mouth team. It just didn't happen until a year later.

This team has a smash-mouthed identity and is becoming fun to root for again.

When teams prepare their strategies about the Raiders they will now have to look run first and pass later and with Daunte Culpepper at the helm he can pick the secondary apart and the Cable Cars can take over.

I'll take the "Cable Car Inferno" for an identity over "Bed and Breakfast" or "Shell of a Team" any day of the week.