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According to ESPN News, Daunte Culpepper is the Oakland Raider's Starting QB on Sunday!!!

Daunte Culpepper has not only convinced the coaching staff that he is healthy, he has shown enough for Josh McCown to be sent to the bench rather than face the team that never gave him a shot.

A healthy and HUNGRY Daunte Culpepper gives us the best chance of winning this year!!!

I said it here, this morning:

"Daunte Culpepper: I have written about Daunte more than any other player this year. There is a HUGE reason for that. In his last healthy season, he had the 5th best QB rating of All-Time!!! He threw for 4,717 yards, 39 TDs and was only picked 11 times. If it wasn't for Payton Manning having the BEST Season EVER by a QB, Daunte would have been the MVP.

Daunte looks healthy and he has a lot to prove, as well as a lot of money to make when he proves it."

I am even more eager to get out there on Sunday and root for the NEW Raiders!!!

My Kool-Aid tastes pretty damn good right now!!!