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The Value Of Height: Drew "Flutie" Brees Exposed?

Last Night the Colts defensive scheme may have just exposed Drew Brees and NFL defenses may be getting to the level where QB's under 6' 3" will have a hard time being consistent against them.

The Colts D-Line was stacked with 6 foot 7 behemoths that made it difficult for Drew to see his passing lanes and clogged up the run game.

This is key for the Raiders to note when it comes to our own game against the Colts, and everyone else for that matter.

You have to believe that every defensive coordinator is breaking down film on how the Colts became the first team in the Brees and Bush era to not allow an offensive touchdown to the Saints.

I also wonder if the Colts D exposed the Saints shortcomings, not to the same extent, but, akin to the Chargers exposing the Raiders on National Television last year.

One thing is for sure, in my eyes, JaMarcus Russell, Andrew Walter, Josh McCown and Daunte Culpepper's value just went up another notch.

The smallest of these QB's is 6 foot 4 and Walter AND JaMarcus both stand 6 foot 6.

Brees is listed at 6 feet even. That really means he is about 5 foot 10.

It will be interesting to see how opposing defenses choose to line up against the Saints for the rest of the year. It will also be interesting to see IF the Saints can adjust and not suffer the letdown that most are predicting.

Many may see the opener as just another game in a 16 game schedule. There can be nothing further than the truth.

From the day that the schedule comes out the Opening day opponent begins to scheme on how to stop the other team.

IF their gameplan is effective, it will be copied until the scheme is adjusted.

From Day 1, Lane has been scheming on how to beat the Lions. This will be his biggest test, and failure to execute and win, or being exposed for your weaknesses can create a snowball effect that will last all year or at least until the bye weak.

If McCown starts and is exposed it will not take long for Daunte to take the reigns, whether he knows 50 or 90% of the plays.

This Sunday is the biggest game of the season, so IF YOU ARE WITHIN 100 MILES of OAKLAND>>>GET YOUR ASSES OUT THERE AND CHEER FOR THE SILVER AND BLACK!!!