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Oakland Raider News 09-08-07: All Is Quiet On The Raider Front

As a fan who has been living and breathing Oakland Raider Football every day since the OTAs I am a nervous and anxious wreck.

Today was my day to sleep in and I was still up at 7 AM. I ran to my laptop and looked for any new news about whether JaMarcus was signed and whether or not that led to losing C-Pep, McCown or Walter.

This is where I always go first:

And, as it has usually pertained to J-Russ there was just a bunch of guessing and postulating with no news.

I did find this GREAT ARTICLE on Kirk Morrison though:

I am starting a campaign centered around Kirk Morrison.

It dawned on me at the last preseason game that the announcer, instead of announcing his college, San Diego State, should say, "From OAKLAND CALIFORNIA & THE BLACK HOLE, INSIDE LINEBACKER, KIRK MORRISON!"

Now that would get the crowd rocking even harder and also show that Kirk is playing for "The Town" and used to sit in the black hole.

I really want to make this happen, so all of your help will be appreciated.

I know that WHEN it happens that our Blog did something!!! ;)

As I sit here and write, I have noticed that all around me is quiet. The trees have a soft breeze blowing through them and the sun is trying to break through the morning marine layer.

The Future Mrs. Saint is quietly preparing the food for young Amadee's birthday party.

This is in stark contract to what I'll be doing tomorrow at the same time.

By 8AM tomorrow I will be standing in a parking lot drinking Bloody Marys and inhaling the scent of 5,000 BBQ's and probably a little of that funny stuff.

There will be whole pigs roasting on open spits. There will be deep fried turkeys and my Uncle Ed's famous Chile Quillas.

I will be surrounded by the sounds of Metalica and Mariachis, AC/DC and Too Short.

Tomorrow I will be immersed in Raider Nation.

My voice will join in with thousands of others and  we will be yelling "RRRRAAAAIIIDDDEEERRSSSS!!!! RRRRRRAAAAIIIDDDEEEERRSSSS!!!!"

The Silver and Black will take the FIELD in their Black Uniforms to the sounds of AC/DC and football season will have begun.

I'm getting goose bumps just thinking about it.

I have a true passion for those 10-12 times a year that we can get together as Raider Nation and be "Roman".

We drink, we yell, we revel. Then we go and root for our modern gladiators.