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The Raiders will Draft 3rd or Fourth:

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Dorsey, McFadden and Jake Long are as close to sure bets to be forces at their positions as there is in this draft.

From there you will have some intriguing Quarterbacks and D-Linemen, but no one that I am as sure of as the Top 3.

Dorsey would team with Kelly, Warren, Richardson, Sands, Burgess and Clemons to give the Raiders a Defensive front that is 7 deep.

Jake Long could team with Robert Gallery and open holes for Bush, Rhodes and Fargas.

McFadden would mean the end of Fargas  and he would be the featured back with Dominic Rhodes and Michael Bush being mixed in.

Of all of these solutions I would love to see Jake Long replace Barry Sims.

Word from the inside is that Newberry is feeling like he could play out a two year contract. If that is the case then  adding Long to a line that already has an improved Robert Gallery as well as Paul McQuistan and Cooper Carlisle.

Then with the 36th pick they could select the best best WR/DT/S available.

I am sure that my opinions will change daily, but for today, I would love to solidify the line and then add players from there.

I'm looking into the whole picture again and hopefully I will nail the first two rounds like I did last year!!!